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7 Best Passive Retirement Income Ideas


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What's Your Retirement Dream?

You had a vision of retirement.  A happy, carefree time. No more work grind.  Spend time with your family.  Travel to far off places.  

These 7 Passive Income Online Businesses Can Make that Dream a Reality.

These 7 Passive Income Online Businesses Can Make that Dream a Reality.

  1. 1
    Affiliate Marketing
  2. 2
    Low Content Books
  3. 3
    Short Books
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Info Products
  7. 7
    Online Courses
What's Your Retirement Dream?

What's Your Retirement Dream?

Photo by Ando Shev on Unsplash

How’s it looking so far?  

Do visions of retirement homes or, heaven forbid, nursing homes trot through your daydreams?

 You looked forward to retirement. Hey, you don’t have to work anymore. But then you think about the lifestyle you’ll be able to afford - or not. 

 Are you pretty well set financially?  Enough to maintain your lifestyle?  What about  travel, shopping, family, hobbies, or fixing-up your house?  

So, how’s it looking now?  Are you sure there is enough to go around?  For as long as need be?  And leave an inheritance?

 You don’t want to be like so many retired people.  They lose their will.  They become depressed.  They lack purpose, accomplishment, incentive.

Don't allow yourself to be sitting, losing hope with no purpose in life during your retirement.

Don't let your retirement dreams die. Keep purpose and spirit in your life.

Can you see it?  Sitting in a chair in front of a TV all day - every day. You can choose to bury your head in the sand or find a solution. One that gives you purpose, passion, and the lifestyle you dream of.

There Is A Better Way - But How To Make It Work?

The key to financial success has always been earning money, not saving money. Savings is a safety net.  Wouldn’t you prefer to continue making money, and still have that safety net?

There are many types of home businesses that can provide a significant income.  They can be easy to start and low cost. Still not all of these suit our purposes for a dream retirement. There are several criteria for this plan to work.

Earning Potential

The financial potential of these home businesses is real. We aren’t talking about investing, doing surveys online or silly time wasters.  The best retirement businesses can replace a full-time income.  Some people even make 6 or 7 figures a year.

Passive Income

A home business that creates passive income is important for retirement to provide for you if you are unable to work a business or simply don’t feel like it or don’t want to.  Passive income is also important so you can have the freedom to spend your time traveling or enjoying life and family as you wish.

Earn Passive Retirement Income

Earn passive retirement income while enjoying a purpose and a hobby. You have the freedom to travel and enjoy life while letting the automation run the business for you.


  • To have real freedom you can’t  be tied down with physical location, external materials, supplies, and inventory.
  • You want something you don’t have to tend to constantly like a service business or a customer service intensive business. 
  • You must have a business that does not require you to constantly create products or materials.
  • You want something that does not require much time or effort.  You want to do as much or as little as you want.

Passive Income Retirement Online Businesses-freedom, purpose, continued income

7 Best Retirement Income Home Businesses

There are many ways to make money online and to make passive income.  If you have money, you can invest it. You could earn money and you could also lose money that way. 

An online business with little to no overhead expense is different. You can earn a six figure income with no risk of loss. 

Using marketing automation your business runs itself and continues to generate income for you.

Online businesses are the best because they don't have the expenses that other businesses have. They allow more freedom.

These are the best of the best online businesses to create a passive retirement income.

#1.  Affiliate Marketing: Miss Those Sweet Sales Commission but Not the Cold Calls

You want retirement income, but you don’t want to work like you never retired!  Easy start-up, low maintenance solutions can be elusive and success uncertain.

 Affiliate Marketing is an excellent choice because it allows you to make money as an “add-on” to something you already enjoy and talk about.  

 You can start without a website with a free blog on WordPress.com or go the email only route. Forego labor-intensive content marketing for paid traffic.

#2.  eBooks: Thought About Writing a Book, but the Publishing is So Complicated

How many of us have thought about writing a book, but the very thought is so overwhelming, especially if you aren’t a writer and don’t know how.

 Online tools make writing, publishing and selling a short eBook so easy. Templates guide you on what to write where. Online services and tools do everything else.

 To get started go to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and create an account.  Amazon KDP will walk you through the steps, publish and post your book on Amazon.

#3.  Low Content Books: Books are Great, but You Don’t Want to Write

You would love to have your own book.  You love the idea of royalties. But a book is daunting and you don’t like writing.

 Enter the low-content book.  There’s no content, Just templates to fill-in.  There are lots of ideas like journals, logs, blank recipe books and so many more.

 Get ideas from things you use or need, and the internet. You can create a low content book in just minutes on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Passive Income Ideas: Low Content Books

Passive Income Ideas: Low Content Books

Photo by Rachel Coyne on Unsplash

#4.  Templates: Creating Everything from Scratch is Just Too Much!

We need structure to give form to our ideas. We need designs to motivate us and please us. Without structure we are all generally lost.

 A template is a container for your thoughts, ideas, and words with order and direction. Like an instant cake mix, add fresh ingredients, mix and serve! 

Canva and Templett are two platforms that let you create your own instant mix for others to use.  You supply order and they supply the content.

#5.  Printables: Missing the Good Old Days of Paper Making You Cry?

Some people don’t want to do everything on a computer.  Sometimes a paper list you can check off or a notepad is easier.

 You can make money without paying to print a product and stock inventory. People are happy to download and print a digital file of something useful.

 Get started by creating your idea on Canva using all sorts of design elements to make your product look great. Sell on Canva, Etsy, or SquareSpace.

Passive Income Online Books, Printables, and Info Products

Passive Income Online Books, Printables, and Info Products

#6.  Info Products:  Overwhelmed?  Bite-Sized Chunks Instead of a Meal

You have years of experience and expertise in a job.  How can you make some money from it without jumping into the deep end first.

 Info products are productized knowledge in the form of downloadable formats. Monetize your knowledge in reports, white papers, case studies, guides, outlines, and cheat sheets. 

 A SquareSpace digital store is a snap! Beautiful layouts create demi-god quality page designs to promote your gems.  Seduce customers with variety: Word, Google, PDF, Slides, eBooks.

#7.  Online Courses: Fill-in the Gaps with Hungry-for-More Delivery

There is a lot of communication that facilitates understanding face-to-face that is missing when selling information. It can be difficult to have the impact you want.

 In this case different formats, interactivity, and perhaps some personal direction is best. Perhaps this is why online courses are one of the most profitable online businesses.

 Get started with an online course platform like Teachable, Thinkrific, Kajabi, Podia, or Clixi.  The outlines make course creation as easy as slipping down a water-slide.

Enjoy a Happy Adulthood

Enjoy a Happy Adulthood

Enjoy a Happy Adulthood

You have several options to ensure a “happy adulthood”.  It’s up to you. There is no such thing as hopelessness.  You need not risk your life on mere savings alone. 

Regardless of your current stage of life, whether you’re age 20, 40, 50 or already retired you can start creating a revenue stream today that generates both active and passive income. A revenue stream to support your present and your future.  

You can have a  revenue stream that will enhance your lifestyle, allow you freedom, and give you purpose.

  • Imagine waking up to another $1k in the morning.
  • Imagine making thousands even as you savor croissants at a Paris cafe.
  • Imagine taking your grandchildren with you in the summer.
  • Imagine spending your days painting, gardening, fishing, or sailing.  

The only question is 

…How do you want to do it? You can start realizing that dream as soon as you choose the type of business.  There is nothing to keep you from starting today. What will you do?

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