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The Best Affiliate Marketing Companies to Help You Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Companies are not affiliate networks. These companies help people start in affiliate marketing and build a successful online business. They teach you how the industry works, how to use the marketing materials, how to choose niches and products.  How to create copy that resonates with your audience and how to promote your affiliate products and make money.

No one is born knowing this stuff.  You don't just pick it up innately by continuing to bang you head against a wall. Get the expert training and direction you need if you really want to be successful.

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Live & Learn Online

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Legendary Marketer is the gold standard of the Affiliate Marketing Companies. Legendary offers great training, getting started challenge, business mentoring. If you are serious and are committed to becoming a successful online entrepreneur this is it.


Wealthy Affiliate is the granddaddy of Affiliate Marketing Programs.  The distinguishing feature is the thriving membership community on its own platform (thank God its not another Facebook group!).  

The platform is robust as is the interactivity.  You can count on support, coaching and advice from seasoned members of this group.  They also have roadmaps, blueprints, bootcamps and a variety of online courses.

While the other programs have training - that I really like, this is more your standard online course, which is easy to use as reference.  The platform keeps all of your info well organized.  Another unique feature is the focus on website building.  

If you are not skilled in WordPress, this is the best place of the Affiliate Programs to learn how to create an Affiliate Website, a content strategy, and content marketing - not something the other platforms touch on at all.  

I love Sean Baghari's use of Thrive Themes - that tops the Wealthy Affiliate sites any day.  But the training on website design and layout, content strategy and promotion - that is something the other programs lack - and necessary to build out a full-fledged kick&**(& business.  

You can earn affiliate commissions promoting the Wealthy Affiliate membership, and you can also get a free membership - shy of some of the goodies, but still great.

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Work from Home, Learn from Home

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