Affiliate Marketing Training Programs: Aversity

Let me tell you why I love Aversity's Affiliate Program 

I was looking for some affiliate marketing training programs that were more accessible than what you normally find. Something generous, lots of videos, and straight to the point "hands-on training. Most company programs teach you about this and that, but not actually doing it.

I wanted affiliate marketing programs that provided excellent programs and support; one that had high-ticket items that are truly worth the price, and a generous commission policy. 

Also I was not much interested in selling widgets.  I wanted to help people be independent and not make some money online - make a lot of money.  

I was also not interested in working with some faceless, nameless corporate bureaucracy - with questionable ethics (you know who they are).  

Aversity is founded by and run by Sean Bagheri.  He puts out lots of videos -training videos, both free and paid.  He is a real down-to-earth person who had to make it on his own.  He's one of those really smart and hard working people who turned it into showing others how to do it.  He shoots straight from the hip and will tell you what it takes, no B.S.

Become an Aversity Affiliate

Want to Make the Big Bucks Online?

Aversity has 20 training programs at various price points and service levels from DIY to DFY.  The DFY are pricy, but totally worth it.  

You can make a passive income and you'll learn how, but that does not mean you never have to work - unless you buy the DFY - yeah, you can always pay someone to do it for you.

Now you do not have to buy any program to be an affiliate and sell them, so I think this is a good way to start.  

Look over the offering, go through all of the new affiliate training modules and videos and take it from there.

There is a monthly fee to be an Aversity Affiliate - $9 - but Aversity has been making a lot of changes, so it is best if you just take a look so you have the most up to date into.  

Most affiliate programs do not charge affiliates to sell their products.  This is a point of some controversy for Aversity.  There is a difference in company affiliate programs who offer nothing but a commission, and an affiliate program that provides a lot of training for affiliates.

Companies like that don't want to waste resources on people who don't really care and aren't going to do anything. You also have to consider the quality of the products/programs.  You are not going to find this kind of high-end quality on the run-of-the-mill affiliate networks (which I shall politely not name).  

Clickbank is not an affiliate program like Aversity - its an affiliate network.  You will want to sign-up for a Clickbank account.  It gives you access to a whole range of things to sell in different niches.

You want to promote different products whether you choose to promote Aversity or not, and whether you take the Aversity courses or not.  That's just good business - never put all of your eggs in one basket as my daddy used to say. 

Plus you get training, support community, and the marketing materials are top-notch, tested and proven.  As you continue with Aversity you have the opportunity to learn all about all aspects of the marketing and how to be successful.  

Or, you can just purchase a DFY program which gives you a business in a box and start making money.   That just tickles me pink!  


Check out these Aversity Programs

There are 20 programs that provide the tools and training to make money online, as well as high commission programs that help people make money.  Aversity teaches you how to make money online - through Aversity or other programs.

Don't know where to start?

Join me in learning all about making money online, and watch this free short video series.

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