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Case Study: SEO Lead Generation

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SEO Content Lead Generation for Start-Up Growth

SEO Content Marketing is more than a tool for brand awareness and lead generation.  It’s an arsenal of power for transforming a dream into a reality.

Companies struggling to see growth and reach profitability can make that soar. It may not take nearly the overhead expense you think.  

  • The ROI for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is $22.24 for every $1 spent.
  • The ROI for every $1 spent on Google Ads is $2 for every $1 spent.
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The right tools in skilled hands can quickly turn around a large business.

With strategic placement of content, you can accelerate content marketing performance.

That is what turned around sales at Brighter Brain that more than doubled the company size in 3 years with so much profit that it was “cashed out”.

This is how it all went down.

Technology Outsourcing Sales with SEO Leads

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Brighter Brain Technology Outsourcing

The company was in the business of technology training and outsourcing. Revenue came from placing the contractors in external contract positions. 

The Company Was Looking for a Technical Writer, but What They Needed Was an SEO

This was heavy technical writing, given their market.  

It was also heavy SEO research, marketing strategy, keyword strategy, and more.  

They didn’t seem to know what was needed or what work was involved at the time. 

They just needed someone with a tech background, a writing background, and many different skill sets.

The Company Got More than it Bargained for

A new systems approach to processes put everything in place - it was running like a machine in no time. 

That freed up resources so they could produce more. 

The research and SEO strategy immediately turned around the stagnancy bringing in viable leads and turning them into sales.

Problems the Company Was Experiencing

  • Contractors on bench not earning money for 4-8 weeks.
  • Too many contractors on bench.
  • Most of the leads the sales department got were off-target.
  • Most of the leads were willing to pay far below a profitable rate.
SEO Keyword Research

The Solutions that Turned it all Around

The company situation was complex, with multiple technical divisions and a fast-paced, chaotic environment.

The Situation

The situation required learning multiple technologies fluently on the fly.  

It required investigating issues with little information.  And working with very few and limited resources.

At the time,  technical resumes posted online were responsible for lead generation and search visibility.  

These were not just resumes; they were highly technical content marketing pieces used to sell services in each technology. 

This content had to rank on Google search and job board searches. 

The company relied entirely on inbound sales, not promoting the company at all.

The Method: Revise and Optimize 

Correcting the course involved a significant amount of time and effort in research.  

There was company research, technology research, keyword research, competitive research, and market research.

The Plan

The plan consisted of four phases.

  1. 1
    Gather information
  2. 2
    Create strategies
  3. 3
    Create implementation plans
  4. 4
    Get buy-in and train people on processes and procedures.

The plans addressed visibility and SERP rank, audience targeting, and positioning.

  • Market Research to find demand and keywords typical of the end users.
  • Create new content with accurate targeting using SEO keyword strategy.
  • Create new content that positioned the company to get higher-paying clients, better projects, and better profit margins.
  • Implement a Microsoft Exchange launch campaign. This campaign had to get several Exchange engineers who had been on bench for 6 months, off-bench and on-project.
  • Follow with implementation of other technologies one at a time.
SEO lead generation resulted in growth and profits - and a new building

Source: Creative Alchemy: 1785 The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

The Results

That first campaign got results immediately, and within two weeks, there was not one Exchange engineer on bench.

Implemented the next technology turnaround.

Implemented each technology turnaround one after the other.I moved on to the next most critical technology and turned it around the same way.

Each technology showed immediate results.  

Analysis showing company growth trending upward drastically and consistently

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

The Growth: Technologies, Training Classes, New Facilities, Exploded Placements

When I started, there were 4 tech departments, each a different specialty. 

4 training classes were going on at any time, with new classes every 8 weeks. The class size was around 6 people per class.

The company added another technology within a year - then another and another. They also ramped up the training schedule with more new hires trained, more classes each month, and classes that became larger and larger. Each tech department grew with more SMEs, trainers, and managers.

SEO lead gen with positioning and audience targeting reduced sales cycle drastically.

SEO lead gen with positioning and audience targeting reduced sales cycle drastically.

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The Details: Sales Cycle Turnaround Time, Accurate Target Marketing, and Positioning

Company expansion, more staff, more training classes, new technologies added

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

Within three years, the company had 7 profitable tech departments, bought a building for additional space, and placed more than 100 a month - up from 15-20 at the start.

Bonuses for the Company that Contributed Directly to Sales

Additional services ensured sales and profits by coaching contractors on communication and presentation.  This helped sell the services and helped them perform better on-project with stakeholders, executives, and team leads.

Suzannah Saiah, SEO Content Strategist and SEO Copywriter

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This case study demonstrates the power of SEO content to transform business.

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