Communication and Messaging Tools

Humans need connection and depending on your business, you probably need to teleconference or video conference online. 

Teleconferencing and Messaging 

#1st Rated


I have used Skype for many, many years. It takes the place of a land line, allow me to call internationally on my cell phone without being robbed blind.  I have a Skype phone number so I can receive phone calls on Skype, and the calling plans are amazing for unlimited calling.

#2nd Rated


I use Zoom strictly for business meetings.  Although I have taught classes on Skype conferencing multiple participants, I now prefer Zoom for this.  I love the meeting scheduler, calendar integration, and it integrates widely with other apps like my Honeybook. For me the waiting room feature makes intake and start-up management of meeting much smoother.

#3rd Rated

Zoho Meeting

You can have 50 participants on Skype, 100 participants on Zoom or 250 with the business version, and up to 250 participants on Zoho Meeting . I like Zoho Meeting for large seminars because of all of the built-in management features.  Zoho is great for webinars, full featured, live streaming, and up to 3,000 participants.

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