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SEO Content Marketing Packages

Content Audit  

$499 Base + $1 per page

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4X Content Marketing 


4 blog posts per month for 3 months

4X Content Marketing 


2 blog posts per month for 3 months

Short-Form Content & Meta


1 content piece up to 500 words. Optimized meta title & description.


What is SEO Content Marketing Strategy?

SEO Content Marketing Strategy is a comprehensive service designed to provide you with topical map for your website, blog, and other content marketing such as email, social media, video, and podcast.

The Content Calendar

The strategy results in a content planner that consists of main topics and subtopics organized by categories.  The content plan will give you direction and priority to eliminate confusion.

Benefits of SEO Content Marketing Strategy

  • You’ll know where to start, and the order to proceed in your content creation.
  • You’ll know the content types and structure you need to create to compete successfully.
  • You’ll be able to search optimize all content, so you get visibility.
  • You’ll know that you are creating content on the right topics and keywords for your business.

SEO Content Marketing Strategy Includes


Content Audit

  • The SEO Content Audit includes an inventory of your content on-site and off-site including media. Each piece is evaluated based on necessary boxes it checks.
  • You receive a report of the content needs, the content that meets those needs, what needs to be retired, replaced, and added.
  • The content audit process includes evaluating what search identifies as keywords, vs the keywords you are targeting and need to target based on your competitors. 

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Competitive Analysis

  • The SEO Competitive Analysis is a foundational component of any strategy or plan. A competitive analysis should be done for the business and website overall. 
  • A competitive analysis should be done for every piece of content on your website. Your potential customers will be evaluating your content against that of your competitors. You need to stay a step ahead.

Monthly Coaching Subscription

1 Hour per Week Private Coaching $497/month
Month to month subscription.

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Suzannah Saiah is an SEO Copywriter, Content Strategist, and Content Marketer for the fiercely independent minded. She is on a mission to transform mundane information into clicks, leads, and conversions - in a delightful way.

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