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Virtual Services for Your Business

I specialize in SEO, Content Marketing and Copywriting. Whether start-up or established you need a content marketing strategy based on SEO to promote your business online. There is no use producing content if it isn't working for you. 

SEO Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

SEO.  Find the best keywords and phrases for you,  competitive analysis, hot topics, burning questions, what people are buying in your niche, top ranking topics and articles. Identify compatible income stream opportunities.   This is a prerequisite for creating a content strategy, plan, and content calendar.

SEO Content Strategy

This is where we are out your place in the world, how you will make your mark, what position you will take most successfully and how to do it.

We find the best way to communicate your business and value to the world. Find your angle.  Get your messaging down!

You will have a complete "hub & spoke strategy organized into categories, topics, and subtopics.

Content Plan & Calendar

Prioritize the driving topics for your content strategy. Create a balanced and interesting content mix.

Project boards and content calendars lets you know exactly what to create, when,  frequency, formats, campaigns, and channels.  Blog, Social Media, and Email. This will guarantee that you are effective and  you never lack for things to write or talk about in any media format.

Content Creation Services


Do-it-Yourself Content (DIY)

Templates, Tools, and Tutorials

Make your content creation faster and easier.

Done-with-You Content (DWY)

Learning & Doing with Guidance

Don’t want to go it alone? A little guidance is good. Get regular weekly coaching sessions to get guidance, training, support, and get answers to questions. This will really help you stay on track and keep you from getting stuck. If you need help during the week before your next appointment, you can get help any time by email or messaging.

Over-the-shoulder how-to training live and video.


Weekly 1-Hour Group Coaching


Done-for-You Content

Leave it All to Me

Let me take care of your web pages, blog posts, social media, and email marketing. Sales Funnels and Quiz Building are a specialty of mine: best way to make sales and best way to get qualified leads.

Conversion Copywriting 

Get more leads by targeting and engaging the right audience. Make use of emails, social media, ads, landing pages, and opt-in forms.

Direct Response Copywriting

Sales pages, landing pages, and sales email sequences put money directly in your pocket.

SEO Copywriting

Gain visibility, traffic, and engagement. Without optimization you won't be found or get leads online. I want your website to work for you.

I also offer Lead Generation and Lead Magnets, and Technical Marketing and Customer Success Content.

Additional Content Types



Overall Rating: 4/5

Graphic work includes sourcing images for client work, editing, cropping, and otherwise working with images. Creating image layouts such as templates, visual posts, and backgrounds, as well as ebook creation.

Creative Alchemy Slides and Presentations Services

Slides and Presentations


Overall Rating: 3/5

Slides include standard text and graphics slideshows and presentations on Adobe, Microsoft, or SlideShare.

Multimedia & Interactive

Overall Rating: 5/5

Multimedia & Interactive slides include quizzes, elearning, and any interactive tutorials, AV presentations.

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