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High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs


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High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs for Super Affiliates

If you want six-figures a year on affiliate marketing, you must sell high-ticket offers. Here are the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs by category.

What is High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

A high-ticket affiliate marketing program is technically defined as one that pays out at least $100 per sale.  The commission typically ranges from $100 to $1,000 per sale. Some pay even more.

What is Different About High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

  • High-ticket programs are picky about who they allow to represent them.
  • Affiliates must be experts in the niche or product.
  • High-ticket marketing requires more sales skills.
  • There is a longer sales cycle.
  • High-ticket customers take their time to shop around. They compare both digital and brick & mortar competitors.
  • High ticket programs require a dedicated website and marketing campaigns.

This means that you won’t be able to sell low-ticket items or a variety of items on your website and expect to get a high-ticket program to sign you as a seller. 

You will have to demonstrate your expertise and dedication to the industry. You’ll also have to prove your value as a top producer with screenshots of traffic stats and sales metrics.

Following Are Quality High-Ticket Affiliate Programs by Category


High-ticket affiliate marketing programs: Investing

High-ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs: Investing

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Affiliate Marketing Category.  Photo-New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

  • Personal Capital   100% per signup with at least $100,000 in tracked assets
  • Regal Assets    3% commission on sales present and future and  $30 – $100 for each qualified lead.  Lifetime revenue share on customer transactions.
  • American Express    Up to $350 per product


Luxury. High-ticket affiliate marekting category. Photo: Cartier Luxury Watch.

Cartier Luxury Men's Watch

Beauty & Fashion

Image Net-a-Porter Fashion Category-Affiliate Marketing-

Net-a-Porter Fashion

Health & Wellness & Fitness

Image of herbs and tonic.  Health & Wellness affiliate marketing high-ticket category

High-ticket affiliate products can be found in Health & Wellness.


Relationships high-ticket affiliate marketing

Relationships. High-ticket products tend to be in the the "adult" type of relationship marketing.


Education Affiliate Marketing-Masterclass

Masterclass is an example of a high-ticket education program in affiliate marketing

Make Money Online

Legendary marketing high-ticket affilaite marketing program

Legendary Marketer high-ticket affiliate program is in the make money online category.

SaaS: Online Software

Convertkit email marketing program is a high-ticket

Convertkit High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Website Hosting

WP Engine

WP Engine WordPress Hosting High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program


BigCommerce-ecommerce platform

Big Commerce - a high-ticket affiliate eCommerce platform

Online Services

Fiverr Digital Creative Services

Fiverr Digital Creative Services

  • Fiverr     $150 CPA/$10+10% Lifetime
Woman on the bow of a sailboat in teh ocean.

Set your sights. Dream big. Go high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

Set Your Sights on High-Ticket Affiliate Programs

It pays to invest time and effort into at least one high-ticket affiliate marketing program. Whatever your passion, hobby, or expertise, look around for high-ticket programs. 

Depending on your niche, they may be listed under a different category than what you would expect.  Not every niche in the traditional form has high-ticket programs.


If you are a horse person and you have or would like to blog about horses and connect with other horsemen you may want to look for high-ticket affiliate horse programs.

You won’t find them listed under the “Pets” category as you might expect. You’ll have to Google “horse” specifically.  Then you’ll find affiliate programs for tack, apparel, and various merchandise.

But if you want high-ticket affiliate programs involving horses, you’re going to find them under the gambling category.

Horse racing is where the money is.

Set a Target Goal: You Need a Vision

Now you know what the possibilities and the requirements are for high-ticket affiliate sales.  Take some time to do some research in your niche

Try to find some high-ticket programs in or adjacent to (ie.e. Horse racing) your niche.  Start gradually building up a presence in that area.  

When you are ready and have a specialty website ready with traffic and can show sales and expertise, apply to represent a high-ticket program.

Here’s to ramping up!

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