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How to Use Your Matching Stationary Set

This gorgeous professional branded stationary set can be used alone in networking and correspondence or paired with the matching Native Alchemy Resume Marketing Set.  The set is customizable and designed for easy editing and use in MS Word and free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you prefer, you can download these instructions here

Your Matching Stationary Set Includes:

  • Versatile Use: Digital or Print

  • Your stationary can be used digitally on email and internet or print.

    Editing Your Template Set

    • Click on the text in the documents and overwrite with your own.
    • Header/Footer/Sidebars:  Click inside the boxed area on the test and simply overwrite it you’re your text.
    • Tables and Boxes:  There are tables in some places.  Just click inside the table on the text to overwrite with your own.  Do not input so much text that it exceeds the size of the box or table – this will mess up the layout.  The design gives you plenty of room.
    • Customizing in Adobe Acrobat Reader:  If you have a graphic slider with key skills on the left sidebar.  This is a nice and customizable feature.
    • Creating a Customized Image File (PNG): You will take a screenshot of the image you want to capture.   In Windows open “Snipping Tool”.  Select “New” on the toolbar and draw a border around the image you want.  When the image capture window opens, go to File>Save As and choose file type: PNG.
    • How to Screen Capture and Image with Windows Snipping Tool:
      • Open your customized document in MS Word or PDF.
      • In Windows Open “Snipping Tool”
      • Drag cursor to outline the customized header in the document.
      • On the snipping too windows that open, click “File”, “Save as”
      • Name the file and choose file type: PNG
    • This image can now be used in various applications such as documents and email.


    Use Letterhead on Computer:  Click on any text and simply overwrite with your text.  In boxes or tables such as header, footer, do the same.  Just click inside the box on the text and overwrite the text.

    Print Letterhead: If you like to have stationary to put in your printer and print onto it you have that option to.  Included is a blank PDF and MS Word doc called “Paper Letterhead”.  Use it with a blank header with the PDF.  If you want to customize it, add your text to the MS Word doc header, then “Save as” PDF.  Now you can print off as many copies as you like for later use.  DPI is set to a very high 600 dpi resolution.  Make sure your printer settings match in order to get the same quality and make sure the layout and edges are the same.  You can down sample to as low as 300 dpi which is standard resolution for print.  I would no down sample more than that.

    Note Card

    Your Note Card template is designed so you can customize it and use the same personal brand design as a Thank You Card, Follow-Up Card, Invitation Card, Confirmation (Looking forward to meeting you!) 

    Use as digital to send a card by email or as printed card.
    You can print yourself or have professionally printed. 

    1. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader

    2. Customize by Overwriting the placeholder text.

    3. On menu select “File” > “Print” to open the print dialog box.

    4. In the print dialog box select “Multiple”

    5. Choose “Custom Settings”: 1 x 2

    Page Order: Horizontal     Orientation: Landscape

    6. Click “Print”

    Note: Print to printer for hard copy.  Print to PDF to take a full sheet to print shop for printing.

    Use this business card digitally or on print.  Use in email, social media and elsewhere on the internet.  Open the business card file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open Snipping Tool in Windows.  Click “new on the snipping tool menu.  Draw around the edge of the business card image with the cursor.  When the window comes up in Snipping Tool select “File”, “Save as”, and choose file type PNG.

    Branded Email

    Branded Email Components:
    • Blank Graphic Header (PNG)
    • Customized Graphic Header (PNG)  (You take a screenshot of your customized header)
    • Customized Business Card (PNG) (You take a screenshot of your customized business card)

    Blank Graphic Header - You have a blank header graphic included in this package.  You can use the blank image in your email to create a custom stationary, as a header or footer. 

    Customized Graphic Header - If you want a custom email header, take a screenshot of the customized document header from one of your Microsoft Word or PDF documents.  You can use the free Snipping Tool on Windows.

    Customized Business Card – The business card that you customized can be printed for a hard copy business card.  It can also be used digitally online. To create a digital business card, take a screen shot using Windows Snipping Tool and save as PNG.  Now you can attach it to emails, use in your email signature, use on Social Media and other internet uses.

    This email header/footer can be used with any email client, such as Gmail or Outlook, which allows you to insert an image.

    How to Customize Your Email

    Brand Your Outgoing Emails:  There are three ways to do this.  I like to make all 3 available to me in my email client. The branded header or your digital business card could be used as a footer or used as your email signature.  Experiment with it to see how you like it best. You can also add the business card to your signature or include it as an attachment.

    Compose New Email:  Place cursor on the top left corner and insert header/footer image. Browse to image file, click it to insert.

    Create as a Draft:  You can save the created blank email with header/footer as a draft.  Open the draft and make a copy to use it to compose a new email.

    Canned Responses:  Open the canned responses option in your email client.  Create a new canned response and insert the email header/footer.  You can use this as a blank email or you can create various canned response emails with your header.  You will need to install a canned responses add-in for both Outlook and Gmail.

    Quick Parts (MS Outlook):  Highlight the part in your email that you want to use (i.e. the header in the email or some custom message with it to create various responders.  With the content highlighted, on the menu select “Insert” > “Quick Parts”.

    TemplatesIn Gmail create your blank email with header (and footer if you like), click the hamburger icon on the bottom right (3 vertical dots).  Select “Templates”, “Save draft as template”.  You will need to install a template add-in to Outlook.  Gmail will provide for templates standard..

    Email Signature: The graphic or business card can be used in your email signature.  Create a custom signature by opening the signature dialog box (options or preferences usually) and insert as image.  You will need to screen capture an image of the business card with the Windows Snipping tool and save as a PNG.


    The included icons are PNG image files.

    • Open document
    • Place cursor where you want the icon
    • Insert image

    Browse to icon on your desktop and click it to insert

    Prepare for Print

    You can print on your printer, at a copy shop or take to a printer.
    • Convert your MS Word doc to PDF before printing.
    • Check printer setting to make sure size, margins, and dpi (or ppi) are the same as in the document settings.
    • Print resume documents on a nice quality special paper with some weight.  It is best to use a white or off-shite with no graphic background.
    • For Personal Branding Stationary Set print on a heavy card stock matching the color of your resume set paper.

    Free Downloadable Tools

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software. Get Adobe – Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
    7-Zip is a free file compression tool for zipping and unzipping file packagesGet 7-Zip



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