About Me

Suzannah Saiah

Online Business, Marketing & Technology Consultant

Born and reared in Savannah, Georgia, USA.  An eclectic and slightly eccentric southern belle, artist, musician, writer, creator, teacher, and fiercely independent entrepreneur.

Specializing in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and eCommerce Businesses

Niche Expertise:

Home & Garden - Particularly organizing and natural fragrance and home products.

Food & Kitchen - I'm an avid French baker, and I like to create content and marketing strategy to promote the success of food blogs and kitchen eCommerce.


Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music in Voice with Minors in Foreign Languages and Music Education.


Teaching of English as a Second Language

State Certified in Teaching of English Language Arts and Social Studies

Certified in Design and Development of Online Courses and Educational Programs

Certified in Content Marketing

Certified in Search Engine Optimization

Certified in Technical Writing

Certified in Training Development

Certified in Advanced Drupal Design and Development

Certified in Editing and Proofreading

Corporate Experience

Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

SEO Keyword Research, Competitor Research, and Content Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy & Brand Messaging (Copywriting)

Direct Response Copywriting

SEO Content Writing & Content Creation

Content Editing: Substantive, Copy Edit, and SEO Edit

Audience Targeting and Online Presence

Online Visibility, Traffic, and Conversion

Interactive Content Development

WordPress Web Design using Thrive Themes

Funnel Building

eCommerce Sites and Product Description Copywriting

Online Course Design, Build and Instructional Design, Curriculum Design

Admin and Content Management of CMS, LMS

Sales & Sales Management & Content Marketing Management

Technology Consulting

Things you May Not Know or Expect About Me

In my past lives, I have been a professional horse trainer and veterinary assistant.  I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but I am highly allergic.

I used to sing professionally alongside my other work - classical, chamber, cantata, oratorio, solo concerts.

I have worked for insurance companies, in finance, and Information Technology, and Medical quality consulting.

I suffered a severe and catastrophic sports injury resulting in my being cripple for many years, losing everything.  This terminated singing activities, running, sports, riding, and my outside sales career. This forced me to learn 'tangible" office skills and learn to have a job sitting at a desk (something I NEVER wanted), in order to survive.

After 3 surgeries in one year and so much physical therapy it was up to me to find my way back to health if I ever wanted to walk again.  Massage therapy by some skilled therapists (not masseuses - please!) and chiropractors inspired me to learn some techniques to help heal myself, and after a few years I decided to become certified in massage therapy to help others.  I opened my own therapy clinic and did this for a number of years, often, but not always, in conjunction with a corporate job.

I have always been happy and content working for myself, but with all of the challenges I have faced, it has been difficult.  Working for companies, while I found the intellectual and technical challenges of difficult projects interesting, I found always severely detrimental to my health, both physically and mentally, due to the very toxic and unhealthy environments and cultures.

I have always kept side work never wanting to be dependent on unreliable, dysfunctional entities for my well-being.  I have become adept at web design and development, graphic design, interactive design, online learning development and online teaching, writing, and digital marketing.

I have found peace, prosperity, and a healthy work style and environment in online self-employment.  I want to share this in the hopes others can benefit as I have.

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6595 Roswell Rd, Suite G, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, USA



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